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Greenpower Team: VTI Zandhoven

Q: Tell us a bit about about your team and where you are from

We are a team of motivated students who all have different majors. The team consists of a welder, an industrial scientist, electromechanics, electrotechnicians and car mechanics. . Our school is called VTI-Zandhoven, the town lies 20km from Antwerp

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Q: Why did your team want to participate in Greenpower Benelux?

Last year Maxim asked permission to construct an electrical kart as his final exam. It was rejected because the plan didn’t have clear boundaries. Afterwards our school received an invitation to participate in the Greenpower Competition. Our principal approved the project, but only if students with different majors participated.


Q: When do you work on the car? During school period/after-school etc?

We gather everyone during lunch break to have meetings. At this time we give assignments to the team members which they can work on during their classes. If we want to work on the car with the whole team then it has to happen on Wednesday afternoons or during the school holidays.


Q: What is your biggest goal for your Greenpower Benelux car and team this year?

To build an electrical racecar that meets the criteria of Greenpower Benelux. We of course want to finish the race and would like to achieve the highest possible score.  

Q: How does Greenpower Benelux help students like yourselves with STEM education?

Because of this project students from the scientific departments and the technical departments can learn from each other. It is also possible to learn certain techniques that are not part of the regular school program, for instance the building of a body in glass fibre or the testing of the air current around an object. Besides, there’s more to learn than only practical skills: think about making a planning and sticking to it, making sure the communication between the team members is clear etc.

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Q: Does your team watch any motorsport series for inspiration? If so, which ones?

There are some motorsport lovers in our team, they watch Formula 1. We have created the shape by studying old Formula 1 cars for instance, because modern race cars have too many components that create downward pressure. There is someone who truly inspires us: Beth Lily (Race). It’s by reading her blog and articles that we are updated with the latest news and have found our way to Formula E.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of the project so far?

Communication and planning are two big factors with which we have struggled. We think it’s because these factors cannot be taught. Plus, the fact that everyone is in different classes makes it hard as well.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about the project so far?

By working together at a common project, you can achieve things that would otherwise not be possible.

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Q: What would be your advice for teams who want to participate in Greenpower Benelux next season (2018-2019)?

To first decide who will do what and make your planning as soon as possible. That planning might change and that’s normal. Not to stress, but to enjoy the project to the fullest!

Q: What are your team social media links?





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