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Françoise Chombar

Co-founder and CEO of Melexis. Melexis creates innovative micro-electronic solutions, more in particular advanced mixed signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components. Melexis core experience supplying chips for automotive electronics sustains its expansion into industrial and consumer product applications. She is equally president of the STEM platform, an advisory board to the Flemish government, aiming to encourage young people to pursue a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics education. Françoise Chombar's long-term commitment to actively advocating more STEM and more gender balance is driven by the profound belief in their positive societal impact.

"I am delighted to support this exciting STEM project. The best way for youngsters to contribute towards solving the world's biggest challenges, like climate change, the lack of clean energy, air and water for all, or even cybersecurity, is by choosing a STEM education. If you compare the number of young people in STEM, with the current need for STEM profiles, there is a huge deficit. In my role as ambassador of Greenpower Benelux, I hope to be able to inspire and motivate many more youngsters towards a STEM curriculum and a STEM career".

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Frank Manders: Founder of 80 day race

“The children are the future” is an often-used phrase to explain the importance of education and upbringing. The children of today are the engineers and leaders of tomorrow, so creating an understanding of and excitement for a diverse range of subjects is important. Especially if we want to excite children about the possibilities of STEM subjects we need to start early; because their choices in education are made early on.
One of the most exciting programs that I have come across for achieving this is Greenpower. Greenpower offers brilliant programs to get youngsters excited about these subjects, through designing, engineering and racing their own little racecars. Who knows, these kids might grow up to race in 80 Day Race! It is an honor to be asked to become an ambassador for Greenpower Benelux and have a small role in helping these youngsters to become successful engineers.

Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal,

Project Manager and initiator of Futech (2008) and iLumen (2012) holds a master degree as Industrial Engineer (Leuven University), he was member of the Belgian Solar Team at World Solar Challenge 2007 and European Champion as member of Formula Zero Team 2008. Ismaël holds several other positions, he is member of the Board of Directors of Ridley (since 2015) and Unizo Limburg (since 2016).
Together with Pieter Vangeel he is author of several patents allocated to Futech : 2012 – PIDbox: The PIDbox is a device that increases the efficiency of solar panels and extends their lifetime. The device is unique in the sense that it works independently of the inverter and therefore never harms inverter warranty. 2014 – PIDcoating: With the addition of PIDcoating, solar panel regeneration is accelerated in combination with the PIDbox

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